Why Can’t I Change the Shareholder Name in the Spreadsheet View?

In order to prevent data fidelity issues, we assign shareholder name as the key identifying piece of information we use to link certificate details. This is also to prevent accidentally transferring a shareholder’s shares from one shareholder to another (check out the transfer shares article if you’d like to do this).

So Where Do I Go to Change the Shareholder Name?

In order to change the shareholder name, you’ll need to go to the individual shareholder’s page. The easiest way to access this page is to search for the shareholder’s name in the search bar, and then click on the name when it comes up in the results. From this page, you can click on Actions > Edit on the right side, and then change the shareholder’s name.

What if I assigned a certificate to the wrong shareholder?

You’ll need to delete this certificate and re-issue it. I recommend copying that line of data on Primary Issuances and then check out our article on deleting a certificate. If you need any help with this process, click the chat icon in the lower right corner of any capshare.com page for help.

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If you have several names to change, or wish to enter shareholder info in bulk (address, email, employee status, etc.), see our article about adding/editing Shareholder info in bulk.

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