Where can I download documents in my shareholder portal?

Your company may have uploaded documents to Shareworks Startup to make them available to you. You can access them by following these steps after logging in (note that if you’ve been asked to sign or approve documents, you should being following these steps).

First, click on the name of the company you want to access. You can also click on the menu, then View Holdings:

You should see a summary of your holdings in that company:

There are two places where you can retrieve documents, your shareholder profile and any issuance pages. You can get to your shareholder profile by clicking on your name. You can get to the issuance page by clicking on the ID (in this case, CS-22).

If you go to your shareholder profile, you’ll see something similar to this:

Any issuance pages that have had documents uploaded to them will include an indicator in the Documents column. You can click on the arrow to show a drop down of uploaded file names. Clicking on the file names in the drop down will allow you to download the files.

Clicking on Documents at the top will allow you to view and download any documents uploaded to your shareholder profile:

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