Shareworks Startup Course (Beta)

The following courses are available to help you familiarize yourself with using Shareworks Startup. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it! Please send feedback to More courses coming soon!

101 Courses:

  1. Importing Single
  2. Importing Bulk
  3. Configuring Vesting & Pools
  4. Exercising Options
  5. Terminating Shareholders
  6. Transferring and Selling
  7. Cancelling and Repurchasing
  8. Understanding Option Pool Totals
  9. Calculating Financing Round and Issuing Preferred Stock
  10. Adjusting the Option Pool
  11. Configuring Liquidation Preferences + Seniority
  12. Examining Breakpoints
  13. Calculating Waterfall
  14. Calculating Returns Analysis
  15. Recording Convertible Notes
  16. Changing Cap Table date
  17. Updating Shareholder Information
  18. Inviting Users to the Cap Table
  19. Exporting Data from Capshare
  20. Using Workflow to Issue Certificates

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