Recording a Recapitalization or Restructure

If your company recently went through a recapitalization or restructure, you’ll want to record those changes in Shareworks Startup. The best way to do that is to cancel out the original issuances, then record new primary issuances. An example would be converting all preferred stock into common stock. That can be done via the steps below:

  1. Export your cap table under Cap Table > Export in the left menu:
  2. Next, open up the sheets view for cancellations, under Cap Table > Secondary Transactions > Cancellations: 
  3. Copy and paste entire columns of the applicable data you need. In this case, it’s the Certificate ID and share counts.Note: You cannot paste into Shareworks Startup by right clicking. You must use the shortcut keys (CTRL+V on a PC, or CMD+V on a Mac).
  4. After the cancellations are entered, go to Cap Table > Primary Issuances. For this scenario, the issuances should be recorded under Common Issuances. You can copy and paste entire columns of data in the same way as the step above.

That’s it, you’re done! Keep in mind that not all conversions are 1:1, so you may need to adjust the share counts in your exported cap table before entering them back into Shareworks Startup.

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