Problems Logging In

Below are some common problems we’ve seen when users try to log in to their account.

Forgot password:

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it using the forgot password link on the sign in screen:

Invalid token:

When initially being invited to Shareworks Startup, the link you receive has a token in it that confirms your account. If you attempt to use this token again, you will receive an invalid token error. Instead, you should be signing in with your username and password (or resetting it if you’ve forgotten it) on the sign in screen:

Didn’t receive reset email:

If you’ve requested a password reset email and didn’t receive anything, it means no account exists in Shareworks Startup under that email address. Be sure to log in using the exact email address you were invited or signed up under. If you’ve confirmed it’s the correct email address, check your spam/junk folder.

Account not confirmed:

Administrators that sign up for Shareworks Startup are required to confirm their email address within 7 days of signing up. If this was never done, you’ll need to request a new confirmation email and confirm your account with the link from that email. A new confirmation email can be requested from the sign in screen:

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