Milestone or Goal-Based Vesting

Milestone, or Goal-Based Vesting can be set up through the plans page. Just click on “Equity Plans” > “Plans and Vesting”.

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From the Vesting Plans tab, you can create a new vesting plan, or edit a previously existing plan.

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From the popup, make sure “Time-Based Vesting” is unchecked, and then check “Milestone-Based Vesting”. This will provide you with a description box, where you can enter a description for the goal or milestone to be achieved.

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Once the goal has been achieved, you can come back to the Plans and Vesting page and click on the name of the custom vesting plan you have created. This will bring you to another popup where you can check off that the action was completed.

Keep in mind that Milestone-Based Vesting can also be combined with Time-Based Vesting if you have multiple triggers within your plan.

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