How to share your cap table in Shareworks Startup

This article walks through adding users to your cap table in Shareworks Startup.

  1. Navigate to ‘Manage Users’ by opening up the menu on the left side, clicking on ‘Company’ and then clicking on ‘Manage Users’

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  2. Click Add user in the top right corner

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  3. Fill out the popup that appears.  You have the option of granting the individual access at three different tiers:
    1. Edit: Give them full edit access in Shareworks Startup
    2. View: Only permit the individual to have view access in Shareworks Startup.  They’ll still be able to perform scenario analysis but won’t be able to make any changes to the core data.
    3. Restricted:  Restricted access will give someone the ability to view their shares, but nothing else in the system.  It does not tell them what percentage they own of the fully diluted cap table.

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