How to login in and view your holdings

When a company invites a user to to view their holdings, the user will receive an email notification with the company name in the subject line.

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After opening the email and reading the message, click the button to access your account.

If the button is unresponsive, copy and paste the given web address into your browser. Recommended browsers for optimal performance are Google Chrome or Firefox. 

You should then hit this page, prompting you to enter your full name and to create a password.

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After creating your account, you’ll be taken directly to your holdings:

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When you sign back in using the password you created before, you’ll see a list of companies (if you’ve been granted equity at multiple that use Shareworks Startup). Click on the company name to go back to the screen above and view your holdings:

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NOTE: When logging back into the site, the link from the email should not be used. Instead, log in with your email address and password here:

The same email address that you received the invite at should be used to sign in. You can change your email address after registering.

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