Generating certificates in bulk using the Document Automation tool

We regularly receive the request from law firms to be able to generate in bulk certificate PDF’s that can be saved and printed as physical stock certificates.  With Shareworks Startup’s new bulk export functionality from its document automation tool, you can do exactly that.  This article will go through the step by step process for preparing those certificates.  In this example, we’ve prepared separate templates for the front, and back of the certificate so that those can be printed separately, but the system will handle a combined file just as easily.

Step 1 – Prepare the template:

Preparing the certificate template goes beyond the scope of this article, but I wanted to share several articles about preparing a template in Shareworks Startup.  You’ll want to make sure and have your template created, and available on the company you’re working with before the steps below will be useful.  We’re always happy to help create and customize templates in Shareworks Startup, feel free to email us at  In addition, here are a few articles that will be helpful when working with templates:

Step 2 – Create a new Workflow

Navigate to Workflow by opening up the menu in the top left corner and go to Document Management > Automation:

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Click ‘New Workflow’ in the top right corner, to start the process:

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Step 3 – Input Information & Select Grants

Populate the overview workflow information, for the workflow type select the type of transaction you’re producing documents for.  I’m creating certificates for a new preferred round, so I’ll select ‘Preferred Issuance’:

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On the next page, select the appropriate grants to include.  Since Shareworks Startup’s workflow tool is typically used to send notifications and paperwork to owners, you’ll need to add email addresses for every individual who’s being included in the set; if needed, you’re welcome to just add  Don’t worry, we’ll finish the workflow well before sending the documents to any individuals.

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Step 4 – Apply Templates

From the document page, use the multi-select check boxes on the left side to highlight the grants.  Under Documents, click ‘Apply Template’ find the template you prepared for the certificates. and click apply.

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Step 5 – Export Documents

With the templates generated, you can now export them from the app.  Click ‘Export’ in the top right corner, select the template you want to export first, and click Export.  That will pull a PDF out of Shareworks Startup, with all of the certificates included:

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And that’s it!  Hopefully this article has been helpful.  If we can clarify any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at

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