Firm entities in Shareworks Startup

When navigating in Shareworks Startup, you may have come across the option to create a firm. Like a company, a firm is an entity within Shareworks Startup. Firms are meant for managing several companies. That’s for two reasons: billing and access.

  • Billing: Some firms pay on behalf of their client or manage the cap table for their client entirely. We offer various pricing models for firms, rather than having them pay on a per company level.
  • Access: Firms allow you to invite several people to multiple companies at once. E.g. if you have 20 companies and 10 paralegals who need access, normally you’d have to invite each one to each company, which would be 200 invites. Instead, they can be invited to a firm which grants them access to all companies under the firm, which would be 10 invites.

If you’re looking to invite your lawyer, accountant, or other professionals to your cap table, you can do so here.

If you’ll be managing several companies and either points above are applicable to you, contact our Sales Team to help you set up a firm:

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