Changing the ‘As Of’ Date on Your Cap Table

Shareworks Startup makes it easy to adjust the date used on your cap table.  Once you’ve changed the date, every view in the system, and any exports you make, will work off of the adjusted date.  Shareworks Startup will continue to save all the information you’ve entered, regardless of any change to the date, but it will only include in any views the state of the cap table as of the specified date.

To change the date on your cap table:

  1. Open up the cap table settings by going to ‘Cap Table’ > ‘Settings’ in the menu in the left navigation drawer:

    Click to enlarge
  2. In the settings menu, you’ll notice a ‘Cap Table Date’ field that’s set by default to ‘Current Date’.  Switch that to set date, and entered the desired date.  Shareworks Startup may take about a minute to save the change, but once saved, your whole cap table will operate off of the changed date:

    Click to enlarge

And with that you’re done!  Once you’re ready to move back to today’s date, just revert to ‘Current Date’ and Shareworks Startup will begin showing all calculations again as of today’s date.

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