Changing the Account Owner for a company

Account Owners in Shareworks Startup are unique and have a few extra permissions above that of normal Edit users. These are what separate them:

  • Account Owners have the ability to delete a company.
  • They are considered the point of contact if Shareworks Startup needs to reach out to the company.
  • If the terms of service are updated, the Account Owner is the one who must accept them.

Currently, only the existing Account Owner can change that status. If your account is assigned that status and you want to change it, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Company > Manage Users in the left navigation menu of your company:

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  2. Find the user that you want to be the new Account Owner, click the three dot menu, then Set Account Owner. Note: Only active Edit users can be made the Account Owner.
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  3. Select the new Account Owner from the drop down list. Note that only Active users with Edit permissions will be listed.

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  4. Once you click on Change Owner, you’re done! The new user you selected will be the Account Owner going forward.

If the Account Owner for your company no longer has access, such as due to separating from the company, please reach out to support. Verification steps will need to be taken before that change can be made.

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