Adding a company to a firm portfolio

If you’re working for a firm you may have created a company you need to share with your team, or you may need to request access to a specific company. These steps will allow you to add a company to your firm. Any user that is a part of the firm will have access to the company that you add.

  1. If you haven’t already, go to the main page for the firm.
  2. Once in the firm, click on the portfolio/fund that you want to add the company under.

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  3. Click on Actions > Add Company.
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Note that there are three options:

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  • Companies you can access – This will allow you to select from the drop down menu any company that you are already a user of. Using this method doesn’t require authentication from the company.
  • New company – This allows you to create a new blank company and tie it to the firm.
  • Request access – This allows you to enter a company’s name and request access. You will not be granted access until an Edit user in that company has gone into the permissions section and granted the firm access.

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