Changing the ‘As Of’ Date on Your Cap Table

Shareworks Startup makes it easy to adjust the date used on your cap table.  Once you’ve changed the date, every view in the system, and any exports you make, will work off of the adjusted date.  Shareworks Startup will continue to save all the information you’ve entered, regardless of any […]

How do I invite or re-invite users to my cap table?

To manage access to your cap table, first go to Company > Manage Users in the left menu. On this screen you’ll notice that we’ve already added placeholder users for shareholders on your cap table. Each user (whether actual or a placeholder) indicates a status on the right hand side. […]

Shareworks Startup Course (Beta)

The following courses are available to help you familiarize yourself with using Shareworks Startup. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it! Please send feedback to More courses coming soon! 101 Courses: Importing Single Importing Bulk Configuring Vesting & Pools Exercising Options Terminating Shareholders Transferring and Selling […]

Is Shareworks Startup a registered transfer agent?

Yes! Shareworks Startup is an SEC registered transfer agent. Our filing can be found here: With that in mind, most private companies don’t need a transfer agent. You can read more on that here: Why Private Companies Don’t Need a Transfer Agent

Shareworks Startup 101 – Start Here!

Welcome to the Shareworks Startup Knowledge Base! Here you can search for articles on how to perform various tasks within Shareworks Startup. We have also prepared a video tutorial that will walk you through all aspects of the system, and highly recommend that you check it out if you haven’t […]

Shareworks Startup Support

Do you have questions that you aren’t able to answer using this help center? Feel free to reach out to our Support team, we’re happy to help. The quickest way to contact us is via chat using the icon in the bottom right hand corner: You can also contact us […]

Processing Stock Splits

What is a stock split? Stock splits are a change that increase (forward stock split) or decrease (reverse stock split) the amount of outstanding shares on the cap table. The price of the shares is adjusted as well, so the overall aggregate value that a shareholder holds remains the same. […]

Updated Terms of Service Acceptance

If you are an Account Owner of a company, you may have run into the following screen when attempting to use Shareworks Startup: Terms of Service acceptance is required to continue using Shareworks Startup. If for any reason you aren’t able to accept these terms, please reach out to Support […]