Why is common stock showing different numbers in parts of my cap table?

When viewing your cap table you may find that the amounts listed for your common stock appear differently in separate sections, making it seem like data was entered incorrectly. You can find examples of this below:


As you can see, one section lists the common stock as 6,595,000 while another does so at 6,596,000. A difference of 1,000, though both are correct.

This occurs when RSA or RSU’s are issued that are tied to an equity plan. When broken down in a summary, those restricted holdings will appear separately here:


In the summary above, the 1,000 restricted issuances are listed separately under the respective equity plan.

The same applies if you export your cap table and view the information there. These will be listed separately, and aren’t included in the common stock section to ensure they aren’t counted twice.

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