Capshare 101 – Start Here!

Welcome to the Capshare Knowledge Base! Here you can search for articles on how to perform various tasks within Capshare.

We have also prepared a video tutorial that will walk you through all aspects of the system, and highly¬†recommend that you check it out if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet. This video covers the main features of the software, and is a great way to familizarize yourself with Capshare.

See the whole video here

We have also divided the video into these sections, and you can click on one of these links to jump to that section specifically:

Cap Table

Company (User Permissions, Billing, etc.)

Equity Incentive Plans & Vesting Plans

Security Classes

Shareholder Information (employee status, email address, etc.)

Convertible Securities

Individual Certificate and Shareholder pages

Scenario Analysis

Workflow (Document Automation with e-Signatures)

Stock Expense Reports (ASC 718) and 409A Valuations

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