How to use Capshare’s Workflow to issue paperwork

Before you can send out the paperwork through Workflow, you will need to record the issuances and decide on a template (see this page for setting up templates). 

Note: a video tutorial can be viewed here.

You are now ready to issue the paperwork to the shareholder and collect signatures/approvals.  Open the left nav-bar, under “Workflow”, click on “Workflow”.

On this page, you can click to create a new workflow. There are 5 steps to a workflow.


First, Specify what the workflow is for (issuing common, debt, options, etc).


Second, select the certificates/options/debt/etc that you want to issue paperwork for. (This is the information we entered previously). You will need to enter an email for the shareholders with selected transactions before moving to the next step.


Third, attach the template you wish to use.

You can preview the generated document on this step or step 5. Follow the steps in this tutorial to do so.


Fourth, add any additional approvals you want to, and check the ones you’ve already added.


Fifth, review the final documents and click “Execute” to send it off for signatures.

Each individual will receive an email with a link to sign their document. After all parties have signed, a PDF of the document will be created and emailed out to the signers. The PDF will additionally be stored in Capshare on the respective certificate page.


To re-send the email request for signatures or approvals, click the grey “resend/remind”

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