How to Change the Option Type (ISO to NSO, etc.)

To change the option type on a single grant, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Navigate to the page for this grant (type in the grant ID or the shareholder name in the blue search bar up top)

STEP 2: Click the edit pencil in the top right (next to the “audit log” button)


STEP 3: In the 2nd column, change the option type to ISO, NSO, SAR, or SPR.



If you wish to change the option type for multiple grants at once, follow these steps instead:

STEP 1: From the Dashboard, click “Cap Table,” then “Primary Issuances.”


STEP 2: Click the tab for “Option Grants”

STEP 3: Click into the cell for Option Type and enter the correct type. Then press enter or click out of the cell.

STEP 4: Click the lower right corner of that cell and drag down to the other grants. If not all of the grants to be changed are listed in order, you can copy+paste to the appropriate cells by using keyboard controls (Ctrl+C or Cmd+C).


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