Creating a summary cap table for investors

When entering a new round your investors will likely ask to view your cap table. Depending on the type of information in your cap table already, you may want to hide certain things such as private shareholder information and agreements. You can do so by creating a summary cap table version, then inviting your investors to that copy. Here’s how:

Step 1: First you’ll want to create a new cap table. You can do so under Cap Table > Versions, starting from the left navigation bar. When on this screen, click on the “+” new cap table symbol.

Step 2: Next, you’ll want to open up your primary cap table in a new window/tab. This can be done from that versions screen. At this point you should have the primary cap table and new blank cap table open in separate windows or tabs.

Step 3: In the window with your primary cap table, navigate to Cap Table > Summary:

Step 4: From here you’ll want to grab the summary totals and record them as a single issuance in the blank cap table that was just created:

Repeat this for any other holding types that may be in your cap table. If everything was recorded correctly, your new cap table summary should have the same percentage totals as the original:

Step 5: If everything looks good, you can invite your investors to this cap table version. That can be done under Cap Table > Versions > Permissions.

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