Why is X Not Showing on My Cap table?

Here are some of the common reasons why a transaction might not show on your cap table: The accrual date set to the past. If a transaction is missing from your cap table, it might pre-date the accrual date. See this tutorial to change the accrual date of your cap […]

Negative Totals as a Result of Transactions

Sometimes, you will find yourself with negative share totals on a shareholder or certificate page.   Negative share totals such as that shown above are often caused by secondary transactions (cancellations, exercises, etc.) that do not combine vested and unvested totals. For example, in the certificate shown above, a cancellation […]

What Are Cap Table Auditor Warnings?

The cap table auditor provides you with notifications when something on your cap table doesn’t look quite right. This helps you to review your cap table and correct any data fidelity issues that arise from data entry errors, or time-bound events. You can see how many warnings you have at […]

How to share your cap table in Capshare

This article walks through adding users to your cap table in Capshare. Navigate to ‘Manage Users’ by opening up the menu on the left side, clicking on ‘Company’ and then clicking on ‘Manage Users’ Click Add user in the top right corner Fill out the popup that appears.  You have […]

How do I invite or re-invite users to my cap table?

If you have multiple shareholders and users to add, see our support page for adding these users in bulk. NOTE: A user must have shares assigned to them in order to have Restricted access. A new user without shares already issued to them must be given View or Edit access.

How do I change permissions?

Step 1: To adjust permissions go to the Dashboard, click “Company” and then “Manage Users” For a break down of these levels of permission, see this page. Step 2: Select the menu for an Active user, then click Change Permissions NOTE: You will not be able to adjust permissions for […]

What levels of access can I grant my users?

Here are the different levels of permissions you can grant your users. This description is also available on the Manage Users page. To invite users who have no holdings listed your cap table, see this article. To invite users with holdings on your cap table, see this article.  

How to login in and view your holdings

When a company invites a user to to view their holdings, the user will receive an email notification with the company name in the subject line. After opening the email and reading the message, click the button to access your account. If the button is unresponsive, copy and paste the […]

Capshare 101 – Start Here!

Welcome to the Capshare Knowledge Base! Here you can search for articles on how to perform various tasks within Capshare. We have also prepared a video tutorial that will walk you through all aspects of the system, and highly recommend that you check it out if you haven’t had a chance […]