How to Set Liquidation Preferences

From the Dashboard, click “Securities,” then “Summary.” On this page hover over the desired security and click “Edit” (if you wish to create a new preferred class, click “New Security”). From this popup you can add liquidation preferences which will affect the outcome of the Waterfall and other scenario analyses.

How to Convert Multiple Notes Into the Same Certificate

You may run into an instance where multiple derivative units (such as Options or Convertible Debt) need to convert into the same certificate ID (CS-1 for example). This can be handled within the conversion dialog box that pops up when you process this transaction. Towards the bottom of the Exercise […]

How to Clean Up Unwanted Securities

If a security has accidentally been created, go to the Dashboard, click “Securities,” and then “Summary.”  Click on the name of the security to make sure it is empty. If it is empty, you can go ahead and click the “delete” button in the top-righthand corner If it is not […]

How to Make Bulk Changes in Sheets

Sheets are a great way to edit and input a large amount of data quickly and easily. If you have multiple entries with recurring data, you can quickly fill in multiple cells at the same time. Fill in one of the cells with the appropriate data Select the cell you […]

How to cancel billing on your account

To turn off billing on your company follow these steps: 1. From the menu select “Company” then “Billing.” 2. Next to “Next Billing Date,” click “Cancel.”   To turn off billing for your firm, please contact

How to Clean Up Unwanted Equity Plans

If an equity plan has accidentally been created, or you have an equity plan that you no longer want, go to the Dashboard, select “Equity Plans,” then “Plans & Vesting.” Click on the name of the Equity Plan to make sure it is empty. If it is empty, go back […]