How to Set Liquidation Preferences

From the left menu, click Security Classes > Summary. On this page hover over the desired security and click the menu, then Edit (if you wish to create a new preferred class, click Actions > New Security Class). From this screen you can add various security settings which will affect […]

How to Make Bulk Changes in Sheets

Sheets are a great way to edit and input a large amount of data quickly and easily. If you have multiple entries with recurring data, you can quickly fill in multiple cells at the same time. Fill in one of the cells with the appropriate data Select the cell you […]

How to cancel billing on your account

To turn off billing on your company follow these steps: 1. From the left menu of the cap table select “Company” then “Billing.” 2. Next to “Next Billing Date,” click “Cancel Subscription.”   Note that the cancel subscription link will not appear for stock expensing or 409A subscriptions if your […]