How to record an early exercise

Some option grants allow shareholders to early exercise, or in other words, exercise unvested shares. By default option grants in Capshare are marked as not being early exercisable. You can follow the steps below to record one. Step 1. First, change the originating option to be early exercisable. You can […]

Firm entities in Capshare

When navigating in Capshare, you may have come across the option to create a firm. Like a company, a firm is an entity within Capshare.¬†Firms are meant for managing several companies. That’s for two reasons: billing and access. Billing: Some firms pay on behalf of their client or manage the […]

How to issue 83(b) forms to your shareholders

Following the steps below, you can send pre-filled out 83(b) election forms to your shareholders. All they need to do is sign the form and mail it to the IRS using the instructions provided. Some notes regarding these elections: 83(b) elections are only applicable to Restricted Stock Awards (RSA), not […]

Calculating equity plan totals

Equity plan totals can be viewed by going to Equity Plans > Plan Name in the left menu, then by clicking on the arrow to show more details (click on the image below to enlarge it): At first glance this can seem confusing, since most people calculate the remaining amount […]

Uncertificated vs certificated shares

Currently in the US there are two ways to represent stock, uncertificated and certificated. What this comes down to is whether a paper or digital certificate is issued to represent ownership of the shares (certificated), or whether they are book-entry shares (uncertificated). There are certain limitations and legal nuances to […]

Adding 409A valuation history to Capshare

About once or twice a year companies will receive a 409A valuation that determines the value of their common stock. It’s important to add this information into Capshare since it is used when utilizing the stock expensing add-on. Adding the information in Capshare is straightforward. Go to “Company” in the […]

Adding a company to a firm portfolio

If you’re working for a firm you may have created a company you need to share with your team, or you may need to request access to a specific company. These steps will allow you to add a company to your firm. Any user that is a part of the […]

Deleting a Firm in Capshare

Currently it’s not possible for firms to be deleted manually in Capshare. If you’d like to have a firm removed from the system, please contact our team at Please include the URL of the firm you would like removed.

How to change your company’s currency

Capshare provides the ability to change which currency is displayed in the company’s cap table. You can adjust this setting by going to Company > Dashboard > Edit in the left menu: Note: This does affect which currency is displayed in the shareholder portal, so some shareholders may have multiple […]