How to Create a Version of your Cap Table

For more extensive modeling (beyond our scenario tools), you can make a copy of your cap table.

Click into the Dashboard (or shift+S) and select “Cap Table” and then “Versions.” how-to-create-a-version-of-your-cap-table-1


Step 1: On the versions page, you can view and adjust the settings for all versions of your cap table. Hover over your primary cap table and click the grey “copy” button.


NOTE: This new copy will only be visible to its creator. If you wish to share the copy with others, click the grey “permissions” button.

Step 2: Hover over the new copy and click the “settings” button.


Step 3: This will pop-up a window allowing you to adjust the settings of this copy. You can change the name of the copy, date, type, etc.  Don’t forget to press “save.”


Step 4: To view this new version, simply click on the name of the copy (blue text). 

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